About Me

My name is Okwudili, a passionate blogger and a successful internet marketer based in Nigeria. Blogging is one of my daily activities and I have so much passion for it.

Most of my source of income is through blogging. I have gathered a lot of knowledge through my blogging experience.

My vision is to help millions of people achieve their online success through blogging.

Blogging is one thing that I can never do without, that is why I have made it one of my daily activities.

I love teaching new bloggers how they will achieve their success in blogging.

I have trained so many people on blogging and they are now happy and have never regret joining blogging life.

I started blogging formally on the 21st of may 2015 when I created my first blog usionly.xyz where I share tips on how to make money online, blogging tips, affiliate marketing etc.

I worked hard to improve my blog. Through my knowledge I helped many people who were interested in blogging to start up their blogging career.

After one year of improving, I went ahead to create this blog which is now on WordPress platform.

Do you know the reason why I created this self-hosted blog?

Self-hosted WordPress blog is a blogging platform for professionals. It has a higher opportunity of increasing online income. You can make more money on self-hosted WordPress blog than in blogger platform.

While I was in my blogging journey, One thing which I discovered is that most people really want to start their blogging career on WordPress platform but the problem they always have is that they find it difficult to create the WordPress blog by their selves.

I published a blog post which will guide you in creating and installing a WordPress blog within 5 minutes, you can read the post here

If you read the post, it will guide you on how you can create your own WordPress blog. Subscribe to blogincomes and download this free guide on all WordPress tutorial.

I love making friends all over the world, therefore you can connect with me on Whatsapp below